I’m Not Fat Enough?

NotfatenoughDuring my weight loss journey there were times I didn’t realize how much weight I lost.  The scale can only tell you so much. It was friends, coworkers, family, even strangers that made me recognize my progress. One of the security guards in the building I worked in asked what’s wrong with me. I had lost so much weight she thought I had been sick.

The biggest eye opener happened when I was at the big and tall men’s store where I regularly shopped. The store had a rewards membership program. If you spent a certain amount of money you would get rewards money to use for future purchases. I built up a lot of points from buying new clothes as I got smaller.

By this time I was shopping in regular men’s stores but I still had $15 in rewards that I had to use before they expired. I was going to get something even if it was just underwear. When my wife and I walked in to the store we were greeted by a salesperson. As she greeted us she asked, “Have you shopped here before?” Her tone suggested that maybe I didn’t know this was a big and tall store. (Hey lady, I could’ve been buying a gift for someone!) I assured her that I had shopped there before. I HAD REWARDS MONEY TO SPEND!  My picture should’ve been on the wall with the caption, “This guy buys a lot of stuff.” I don’t think she was convinced. What the hell?

As my wife and I struggled to find something that would fit me, I noticed other patrons of the store (some rather large gentlemen) looking at me like I had smacked a sammich out of their hands (I know its spelled sandwich but I like saying sammich). With no luck finding anything not even some damn underwear, we left the store. I asked my wife if she noticed the stink eye I was getting. She concurred that indeed the sammichs had been smacked.

I’ve never been back to that store.

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